The Team

The President

Clara Potworoski she/her

Hi, my name is Clara and I am the President of CUPS! I love philosophy for its scope and flexibility. You can philosophize about anything! My favourite specialization is aesthetics and logic.

Vice President of Finance

Emily Carr she/her

Hi, my name is Emily Carr and I am the Vp of Finance and Blog for CUPS! I love philosophy because asking questions that no one could possibly have the answer to is my niche. My favourite specialization is political philosophy.

Vice President of Social Media

Tina Cain she/they

Hey, my name is Tina Cain and I am the Vp of Social Media! I’m in my third year of Philosophy Honours. I love philosophy because it allows us to question and analyze the world around us! You can find philosophy in everything. My favourite specialization is logic and political philosophy.

Vice President of Communications

Kay Wagg they/them

Hi, my name is Kay Wagg. I’m the Co-Vp of Communications! I enjoy studying philosophy because getting to learn the more broad-scale theories and ideology which inform the world’s concepts of life and humanity helps to contextualize the developments of more specific events and societal dynamics – which is obviously important in most academia but is also quite relevant in daily life. My favourite specializations are absurdist existentialism and feminist epistemology

Vice President of Communications

Emily Fallows she/her

Hi, my name is Emily Fallows and I am the Co-Vp of Communications for CUPS this year! I am in my fourth year, double majoring in English and Philosophy. My favourite specialization in philosophy is Bioethics, and the reason I love philosophy is because it not only asks hard questions but also searches to answer them in logical and meaningful ways.