A Realistic Day In the Life of a Philosophy Student

I am in my fourth year here at Carleton, and like many other students at this point, I have reached a new level of appreciating a good cup of coffee in the morning and a glass of wine at night (keeping in mind the golden mean of Plato of course). I think I have aContinue reading “A Realistic Day In the Life of a Philosophy Student”

Philosophy in Europe with Carleton’s Joshua Shepherd

By: Emily Carr Doctor Joshua Shepherd is one of Carleton’s Philosophy professors currently away on sabbatical this semester (Fall 2022). Back home in Ottawa, you might find Shepherd teaching undergraduate Philosophy courses that synchronize cognitive studies and philosophy (such as PHIL 1301: Mind, World and Knowledge or PHIL 2550: Moral Psychology). Shepherd first discovered hisContinue reading “Philosophy in Europe with Carleton’s Joshua Shepherd”

Philosophy and Laypeople

I want to use this blog to comment on philosophy in relation to laypeople. Philosophy is perhaps the most misunderstood discipline by the general public, in part because its without conventional boundaries, both in terms of the subjects and methods of research that define conceivably any other discipline. When I first told my grandmother IContinue reading “Philosophy and Laypeople”

The Philosophy of Books & Libraries With Carleton’s Larry Thompson

Larry Thompson has had a home at Carleton University since he studied English Literature in an undergraduate degree between 1983-1987, that is, “Back when Dunton Tower was called the ‘Arts Tower’” (Thompson). On campus, Thompson’s worldviews were challenged by literary and Philosophical texts presented by his professors and the MacOdrum Library shelves. After this, heContinue reading “The Philosophy of Books & Libraries With Carleton’s Larry Thompson”

Cognitive Philosophy, Reality and Literature With Carleton’s Donald Beecher

Donald Beecher made it all the way from sunny California to Carleton University’s English department. Here on campus, Beecher is a professor for graduate and undergraduate students, as well as a writer, editor and translator, and philosophical thinker. As an experienced editor and translator of early literary texts, Beecher has published a variety of worksContinue reading “Cognitive Philosophy, Reality and Literature With Carleton’s Donald Beecher”