The Philosophical Insights of my Grandmother

On the 29th my maternal grandmother stopped over at my parent’s house to join us for a meal. She brought over a duck for us to eat. She also brought over insights that amount to nothing less than most important contribution to philosophy so far this century. I, happening to be vegetarian (a person whoContinue reading “The Philosophical Insights of my Grandmother”

Problematic Intersections of Science and Everyday Language

It cannot be denied that science has gifted us all (well those of us with wealth anyways) many new ways to affirm our rights in the face of metaphysical indifference to them. Through science we have cured an immense number of diseases previously thought to be incurable, managed to develop fast acting international methods forContinue reading “Problematic Intersections of Science and Everyday Language”

Philosophy and Laypeople

I want to use this blog to comment on philosophy in relation to laypeople. Philosophy is perhaps the most misunderstood discipline by the general public, in part because its without conventional boundaries, both in terms of the subjects and methods of research that define conceivably any other discipline. When I first told my grandmother IContinue reading “Philosophy and Laypeople”