First In-Person Discussion Night in 2 Years!

On March 30th, CUPS hosted the first in-person discussion night in over 2 years, led by Professor Hoyeck discussing Blade Runner 2049. It was a huge success with over 20 people in attendance, with snacks and coffee supplied by Happy Goat Coffee co.

Professor Hoyeck started by leading students to go through a quick summary of the movie, explaining various differences between the original Blade Runner and the new version. Opinions varied across the board on which movie was better, but Professor Hoyeck showed good arguments to align 2049 as a more subtle philosophical interest due to its focus on the quote “to be born is to have a soul”. Students debated what it means to be unique, free, and to be human. Clips from the movie were shown, and a deeper understanding of the philosophical implications that are littered through this piece of popular culture was explained.

CUPS would like to thank everyone who attended, as it was the success of the year! We are so overwhelmingly happy to have had the opportunity to do activities in person again, and we do intend on continuing to host more in person discussion nights for the next school year. We hope we see more of you there!

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